SHR Laser Hair Removal

Lip or Chin $22
Sideburns $22
Snail Trail $22
Areola $22
Mid Brows $22
Hands or Feet $22
Knees $22
Front Neck $22
Back Neck $22
Underarms $32
Outer Bikini Line $42 - Female Only
Upper Bikini Line + Outer Bikini Line (G-String) $52 - Female Only
Inner Bikini (Brazilian) $62 - Female Only
Inner Buttocks $22 - (Female Only)
Outer Buttocks 62
Lower Legs $82
Upper Legs $112
Full Legs $152
Half Arms $72
Full Arms $112
Upper Back $112
Lower Back $82
Full Back $152
Chest $112
Stomach $112
Full Chest & Stomach $152


Laser SHR Permanent Hair Reduction FAQ's

1. How many sessions will I need?
Answer: Results will vary from client to client, initially a minimum of 4-6 treatments is required to obtain visible results. Top ups will be required anywhere between 2-12 months depending on type of area.

2. Is the treatment Pain Free?
Answer: Yes, we offer the latest technology in pain free permanent hair reduction using variable pulse light laser technology, eliminating the traditional "hot rubber-band-like pinch" previously experienced with traditional IPL or Laser systems.

3. Is this treatment more effective than traditional IPL systems?
Answer: Yes, SHR Laser uses focused in motion technology which eliminates the traditional "missed spots" usually experienced with traditional IPL systems. Standalone IPL systems usually require a minimum of 6-10 treatments to obtain visible results.

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